CY Molds Limited

Design Engineering

Experienced mold engineers with developing efficient solutions to meet and exceed your standards and expectations.

Up front program feasibility, problem solving and unique solutions for prototype and production molds and part design.

Mold flow and cooling analysis incorporated into mold designs.

DFM Report on the part features in detail.

Advanced Feasibility

Dedicated engineering team committed to up front design. 

Involved designers ensure our customer's best practices are communicated.

Our engineers collaborate with our customers to manage part design, reducing overall program timing and tooling cost.

Recommend the right mould configuration based on customer’s part drawings and annual quantity;

Reverse Engineering

Complete data creation based on the samples or 2D part drawing;

Experienced metrology technicians analyze and build accurate 3D digital models.

CMM Equipment

SLA Prototypes provided to verify the 3D drawing


Moldflow Analysis Services

CAE Services is a Certified Moldflow™ analysis expert.

On-site Expert Certified staff is available to complete Flow, Pack, Cooling & Warpage analysis.
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