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CY Molds is dedicated to bringing world class quality and delivery performance with competitive pricing to all of our customer partners. If your needs are only a few thousand pieces per year or several million CY has the answer.

Below are some words that our customer said for reference

What our Customers Say…

Thank you again, for all the efforts done for our Tumi SRPP project and having this first trial on 12/05, is one week before the agreed date.

--Rudy Samsonite 


Thank you for having this final trial today on 12/05, this with very good result and this modification is perfect done in a very short time.

--Rudy Samsonite 


Thank you very much for this given service. Thank you for the send mail and the done work for us.

--Rudy Samsonite 


Thank you for having this final trial today 06/07 in this very busy Tumi period.

--Rudy Samsonite 


Thanks a lot for this job done, is this very short time. Thanks a lot for your help, we really appreciate. 

--Rudy Samsonite 


Are you still working?! It should be mid night in China by now? 

--Vivien, Samsonite


 I am definitely surprised by this work! Thank you for putting effort into this.

--Mario Fuentes, Robertshaw


Thanks for getting all these completed rather quickly  - much appreciated

--Dean Quick, USAI

I appreciate all your help, especially as you should be on holiday!

Good news, 1050pcs just arrived J

--- Michael Waller, HT-Data


Thank You for your time and support both last week and this morning’s call much appreciated and very beneficial.

---Andrew Clark, HT-Data


Thank you for doing this so quickly, Alice.  The parts look very good, thank you.

No design changes needed and only some small improvements on the tooling, we are all very pleased at how well they have turned out.

---Gareth, HT-Data

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